Vincent Wong

Vincent WongVincent is an experienced IT professional in managing technical support functions covering storage, database administration, middleware, mainframe and server platforms and training.  He has worked in a global financial institute for over 25 years with 15+ years in managerial and senior executive positions, such as regional storage head and global technical lead for middleware directing the overall strategy and controlling budgets in running the functions.  He can assist in providing his expert consultancy in areas like strategy establishment and execution, IT technical support standards, operation procedures and best practices, infrastructure design, vendor contract negotiation, performance review and training plan setup.

Vincent is an all rounded IT expert with wide regional and global exposure in most of the IT technical support areas.  He started his support life in mainframe areas focusing on database administration and middleware including CICS, VTAM, NCP support etc.  He was invited to join the training department originally as a mainframe training instructor. His excellent work made him move to the position of training manager very shortly to lead the training team to design and establish training strategy,  planning and programs.

He was then moved back to the technical support department and later took up the server technical support team to help lay down a lot of good technical support standards, operation procedures and best practices.  His excellent management work further enabled him to take up the position of the manager of the whole mainframe software engineer team.

Vincent’s remarkable achievement has made him become the global technical lead for middleware in directing the overall middleware strategy across the globe and later switched to take up the challenge to head the regional storage team not only to make visions and strategies on the growing storage technology but more importantly to control budgets in running storage technology in all platforms. It is another big achievement indeed in his career life.

Vincent’s diversified IT working experience and his years of senior executive management experience is definitely able to fit in most kinds of IT consultancy work.