Virtualization Technologies and Cloud Services

Virtualization technologies can generally help organizations improve operational efficiency and application availability, enhance the agility of your service delivery, reduce hardware maintenance, achieve cost savings as a result of less space requirements and energy consumption. However, this could often turn out to be a double-edged sword if not manage and install properly.

More and more companies are evolving or considering migrating their infrastructure to either in-house, public or hybrid cloud services embracing server and storage virtualization, this can help to reduce or eliminate the hassle of managing the complex IT infrastructure.

At Spinnaker IT, we have the skills and practical experience as well as facilities to help our clients to make Virtualization technologies work and realize those potential gains. This is a very specialized area and we are proud to be the leading practitioner in this field. We are happy to assist if you have an on-going problem with your current implementation or you wish to discuss your plan ahead of making that critical move.