Data Centre Operations, Automation and Workload Migration

Have you automated the day to day operations of over 4,000 servers, AS400, and Mainframe computers? We have.

Have you automated the migration of workload from one operations centre to another without interrupting your daily operations? We have.

IT system and application architecture grows with increasing complexity and Data Centre Operations has become a critical element of your business. To maintain continuous availability meeting the ever changing environment, you will need comprehensive operational management, proper facility maintenance, automated event and incident management, as well as adequate business continuity management.

At Spinnaker IT, we have designed, managed, operated as well as automated thousands processes at some of the biggest data centres.

Between our experienced consultants, we have managed thousands of servers of all hardware/software platforms supporting hundreds of services, design, built and evergreen the underlying infrastructure of some of the biggest and most complex environments in Hong Kong for many years; masterminded and executed the migration of the most complex Data Centre and services. This is a wealth of experience that we can share with potential clients. Do let us know your needs and we can help you to ensure the success of your future business.

If reduce service downtime, improve service quality and reduce operating cost is your prime concern, contact us for a discussion.