KL Chan

KL ChanKL is Spinnaker IT’s Director, Business Operations. Prior to forming Spinnaker IT Limited, KL has over 33 years of IT experience worked for a multi-national telecom company in the UK, and a global bank in Hong Kong. With the forming of Spinnaker IT Limited, KL is ready to share his extensive experience in development, infrastructure support, project management, strategic development and the rest with the business community in Hong Kong and Asia Pac.

In his twenty years working for a global bank in Hong Kong, he has enjoyed the many roles in the IT Operations Department. Some fond memories included (a) how the performance of the ATM and on-line banking system network was dramatically improved through the deployment of solid state disks; (b) deployed MQ software that helped to glue applications ancient and modern to provide a seamless modern banking system; (c) laid the infrastructure for one of the best Internet Banking systems in the world; (d) helped the migration of complex global applications from the US to Hong Kong.

Working in the IT industry has been a rewarding experience, KL has enjoyed the privilege, convenience, and opportunities of working for large companies. By taking the plunge in forming Spinnaker IT Limited, KL together with his colleagues and consultants are hoping to share their experience and serve the industry and further consolidate Hong Kong as a global financial centre.

KL is a Chartered IT Professional Member of BCS, obtained his Bachelor degree in Physics, Mathematics and Astrophysics in Queen Elizabeth College, UL, and then Diploma in Computer Science at Birkbeck College, UL.

He can be found playing a round of golf at Mission Hills Golf Club most weekends.