Peter Chan

Peter is a well experienced IT management professional with solid hands on in global project management, budget management, business analysis, technical design and team management. His diversified technical knowledge and experience span from application, middleware, database, server platform and infrastructure. He has management and hands on experience in a variety of business applications.
He exceled his 22+ years of IT career in the investment banking sector of one of the world’s largest global bank, with 13 years in management roles. He has solid business knowledge in investment banking products such as Foreign Exchange, Money Market, Fixed Income, Futures and Derivatives, and an overwhelming experience in working with trading floor, middle office and back office staff.
On the application side, he had begun his IT career with several years of development and implementation of Treasury front office trading systems, followed by a broad range of investment banking applications including retail margin trading, market risk management, CRM and sales management, capital markets and origination workflow, e-Commerce platform, research, marketing, business intelligence, etc. Through major in-house development, vendor solutions and integrations, he demonstrated his skills in managing both internal and external parties in delivering results meeting targets and deadlines.
Over the past 10+ years, while playing and polishing his IT project management and business management roles he continued to keep abreast of his technical knowledge especially in technologies and infrastructure. He had solid experience in e-Commerce platform, application, operating system, data centre and VM migration. Apart from real-time and transactional trading applications, he had also managed projects involving market data, real-time and transactional messaging, low latency, 3rd party and customer system integration, workflow application, business intelligence involving ETL techniques, etc.
Outside his professional work, he has been studying social media marketing, multimedia production, retail e-commerce platform and cloud computing. He is an armateur photographer and a seasoned hiker.