Health and Safety Policy Statement

Spinnaker IT Limited is committed to providing a healthy and safe working environment for our staff. Our company should in all practical circumstances be as free as possible from known and hidden dangers or hazards of work. It is also our policy to comply with all applicable legal statutes and regulations, and to adopt the best practices in health and safety in our workplace.


Health and safety are everyone’s responsibilities. The top priority of managers and supervisors is to prevent the occurrence of accidents and injuries. They are responsible for safety rules and procedures, equipment and facilities, and training and education. Employees also have the responsibility to protect themselves from injuries, and protect others from injuries as well. They should follow the necessary safety precautions and procedures, and become familiar with the hazards of their jobs.


Our Health and Safety Policy is important for the company.  Its successful implementation ensures the maintenance and awareness of safety standards and sustained safety performance, and benefits the company, staff and our customers.